This blog is, I have to confess a little thrown together, as the content for it appeared completely by chance, but in connection with the research I was doing for my recent blog and video on how to remove condensation.

I borrowed a Karcher WV50 Window Vac from my friend Polly for the video I was preparing, and after using it (wow, what an AMAZING product – I so wish we had one of these), I dropped it back round at Polly’s house. starbrite mildew stain remover spray

We got talking (we both share a bit of a passion for DIY!) and she excitedly told me about a stain remover she had bought to remove mould from her roman blinds. Before replacing the windows in her cottage with double glazing she had quite a bit of condensation and as a consequence the back of her blinds, and her bathroom roller blind had gone very mouldy.

She told me about how this spray had completely removed the mould from her blinds, and excitedly said that we should give it a go on a bathroom roller blind that was completely beset with mould – and which she hadn’t yet tackled. Unfortunately I had neither my phone nor video camera with me, so all photos in this blog are kindly provided by Polly. I’m just a little gutted I don’t have a video to show you this amazing spray in operation.

roller blind mouldy

So off we went upstairs, and suspended the roller blind over the bath.  We liberally sprayed the Mildew Stain Remover directly onto the blind. The stain remover spray began to work almost immediately, and the mould started to turn paler and then disappear. After 10 or 15 minutes, we gave the blind a rinse under the shower to remove the spray and mould residue and resprayed a couple of areas where the mould had been heaviest. We then rinsed it again and left it to dry.

mouldy roller blind after mildew stain remover treatment And the finished result is, I think you’ll agree, pretty staggering! The blind, which I would have been tempted to throw away looked almost brand new!

Clearly not all products can be rinsed clean in this way, but we rinsed the blind because I knew a single layer polyester fabric like this would be fine to rinse.

I believe the manufacturers’ instructions don’t recommend spraying the product on clothes and other fabrics, but the reviews Polly read before buying it suggested she ignore this as other users had achieved such good results with it. For the roman blinds in the rest of her house, Polly had simply sprayed the lining on the back of the blind where the mould had formed. She didn’t need to rinse the fabric after applying the stain remover and is really pleased with the results.